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Akrotiri is a small village located in the south of the Greek island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. The island’s capital, Fira, is 12 km from Akrotiri and the airport is 13 km away. Anyway, all the distances in Santorini are small, because the length of the entire island is 18 km, and the width is 12 km.

Akrotiri belongs to the administrative unit of South Aegean, the regional unit (municipality) of Thira.

Akrotiri has a permanent population of less than five hundred inhabitants (according to the 2011 census). The word “akrotiri” in Greek means cape.

Attractions of Aktrotiri

Of course, the biggest attraction of Akrotiri is the nearby archaeological site, which is visited by thousands of tourists coming to Santorini every year. The discovered ruins of prehistoric Akrotiri allow you to get acquainted with the amazing achievements of the Minoan civilization in terms of architecture, urban planning, or culture.

Ancient Akrotiri was suddenly destroyed by a huge volcanic eruption, which covered the whole town with a layer of ash and pumice stone. Thanks to this, it has been preserved to this day in very good condition.

Tourists can also enjoy attractions from modern times, the most important of which are:

  • Lighthouse – a tower built at the end of the 19th century with a height of 10 m. Since 1988, it has been operating automatically. The surroundings of the lighthouse are a place eagerly visited by tourists, mainly because of the beautiful views of the entire caldera. It is most crowded, of course, during the sunsets.
  • The ruins of the Venetian castle (one of the five located on Santorini) – are located in the very centre of the village, at its highest point. The castle suffered greatly during the earthquake in 1956, only the tower and part of the walls survived.

Top attractions of Akrotiri

Akrotiri Castle

Akrotiri Castle on Santorini is one of the five Venetian fortified castles on the island. Its function was to give shelter to the inhabitants during attacks by pirates and hostile


Akrotiri Excavations

Prehistoric Akrotiri on Santorini was one of the most important settlements in the Aegean Sea. Today it continues to challenge historians and archaeologists. It is also a fantastic place for


Santorini Caldera

The caldera of Santorini is currently one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in Greece. It lies in the Aegean Sea, about 120 km north of Crete. It


Beaches near Akrotiri

There is no beach in the village itself, but there are several of them in its immediate vicinity. Two completely unusual and unlike any other are Red Beach and White Beach.

  • Red Beach – 2 km away from Akrotiri, it is covered with red and brown sand, but it owes its name primarily to the red rocks of the surrounding cliff. They give the impression that they are about to fall into the sea. The combination of red rocks and blue water make an amazing impression. Due to the rockslides, the beach is not always accessible to tourists.
  • White Beach – much smaller than the Red Beach, but no less delightful, the name was created from the white rocks that surround it. The beach can only be reached by sea, which can be an additional attraction. Boats depart from the marina located near the archaeological site.

Other beaches located near Akrotiri include:

  • Caldera Beach – 900 m from Akrotiri
  • Kambia Beach – 4 km from Akrotiri
  • Mesa Pigadia – 4 km from Akrotiri
  • Akrotiri Beach (located right next to the excavations) – 1.5 km from Akrotiri
Red Beach

Red Beach

Kokkini Paralia, or Red Beach in Santorini, owes its name to the original colors of the steep cliffs created from the volcanic lava. Both the road and the beach itself are covered with a characteristic reddish-black gravel. The coast on all sides is surrounded by rocks, which guarantee unforgettable views of the bay.

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White Beach of Santorini

White Beach

The White Beach in Santorini, called by the locals Lefki Ammos (white sand) or Lefki Paralia (white beach), is a small beach located under high cliffs made of white rocks. It is a true paradise for lovers of sunbathing.

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Caldera Beach

Caldera Beach

Caldera Beach in Santorini is a beach of unforgettable views and great depths. From here you can observe the flooded with water caldera , from which the very name of the beach came from.

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Balos Beach

Balos Beach

Balos Beach in Santorini is a small deserted beach in the southwest of the island. On its shore you can find abandoned huts, the picturesque white church of Agios Nikolaos, boats decaying with age and the remains of sunbeds. It is definitely a beach for lovers of nature and mystery.

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Bird's-eye view of Kambia Beach

Kambia Beach

Kambia Beach in Santorini is located in the southwest of the famous volcanic island. It might not be the easiest one to find, but when you finally get there you will be impressed with the views and peace that prevails here. The rocks surrounding the beach have taken fanciful shapes as a result of the action of water and wind.

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Mesa Pigadia Beach

Mesa Pigadia Beach

Mesa Pigadia Beach is located in the bay that bears the same name. It is surrounded with rocks that effectively protect the sunbathers against strong winds. Difficult access to the place (long, gravel road) allowed this beach to maintain its wild character.

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History of Akrotiri

  • 4000-3000 BC – the creation of the Minoan settlement of Akrotiri.
  • ca. 1700 BC – destruction of prehistoric Akrotiri by a volcanic eruption.
  • the Middle Ages – the creation of the modern village of Akrotiri
  • 1335 – construction of the castle in Akrotiri
  • 1336 – the town of Akrotiri and the castle were donated by the prince of Naxos Nikolaos Sanoudos to the Gozzadini family, who came from Bologna.
  • 1617 – Akrotiri falls into Turkish hands.
  • 1956 – during a strong earthquake that hit the entire island, most of the city’s buildings and the castle were severely damaged.

Accommodation and catering in Akrotiri

Despite its small size, Akrotiri offers tourists excellent tourist facilities. During the season, tourists have at their disposal both luxurious rooms with an individual swimming pool, lower category hotels, apartments, and private accommodation. Of course, the prices are very diverse, but thanks to this, every tourist will find accommodation that meets his expectations. You can rent an apartment for two people here at a price of 500-600 Euro per night, but you can also find accommodation for about 50 euros.

In Akrotiri there are also restaurants that mainly serve Greek cuisine and fresh fish (some of them are located in the village itself, others in the area – mainly at the caldera and the surrounding beaches).

Practical information

In Akrotiri you can easily do small shopping in one of the available mini markets. For larger purchases you have to go to other places – Emporio, Megalochori or Fira.

The hills adjacent to the village are covered with vine plantations, from which local hosts produce regional wine. For hotel guests, wine is often served for free as a part of the promotion of regional products. You can also order it in restaurants or buy it in local shops.

Holidays in Akrotiri will certainly not be boring and will provide many unforgettable impressions. During the season (from May to September), the city is teeming with life, but lovers of discos and nightclubs have to go to Fira, Perissa or Kamari.

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