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Almyra Beach

Almyra Beach view to the West
Greek name: Παραλία Αλμέρα/ Paralía Alméra
Coordinates:  36°20’50.01″N, 25°24’56.27″
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Almyra is a small undeveloped beach in the south of the famous Cycladic archipelago of Santorini. Despite its small size, it offers both rocky and gravel coasts.

The water here is crystal clear, so it makes it a joy to watch the life under its surface. Swimming shoes are recommended here because some rocks that lay in the sea are really sharp and can hurt. The beach is narrow, and at its back it has majestic cliffs carved by the wind and water. The cliffs are here and there pierced with hollow burrows that serve as utility hiding places for the locals.

Almyra Beach of Santorini is wild and less visited. The surrounding nature has a chance to develop and live its own idyllic life. Meadows covered with vegetation and horses grazing on them make the landscape of this region beautiful and peaceful. This place is good for relaxation and meditation. Nothing calms you down like the sound of the waves crashing against the rocky coast and the fresh sea breeze floating in the air. There are no sunbeds or umbrellas here, but in exchange you can find some peace and quiet.

As you can guess, the local transport does not reach here. The distance of 10 km from Thera can be covered by car in less than 20 minutes with the last 2 km on gravel road. The distance between the beach and Akrotiri is just over 3 km.

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