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Ancient Eleusis – Ancient Tombs near Vlychada

Near the village of Vlychada and Cape Exomitis, on the southern slope of Gavrilos Hill, are rock-cut ancient tombs (also known as Ancient Echendra) dating from 400-200 centuries BC.

It is not easy to find them. To get there, follow the road from Vlychada to Perissa along the Gavrilos hill and turn onto an inconspicuous path behind a white house about halfway up.

Here we find rock-cut tombs, an altar, and the remains of a catacomb or temple (a wall and the remains of the entrance gate are visible).

On one of the rocks we find a bas-relief depicting a snake crawling on the rock (called Echendra). Archaeologists believe that the archaeological site may have been part of the ancient city of Eleusis, located in what is now Perissa and was one of the most important ports of ancient Thera, mentioned by Ptolemy among others.

In addition, rectangular niches carved into the rocks can be seen within a large fenced area stretching between the Gavrilos hill and the road.

Gallery of Ancient Eleusis – Ancient Tombs near Vlychada

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