Armeni Beach

Greek name: Παραλία Αρμένι / Paralía Arméni
Coordinates: 36°27’37.59″N,  25°22’51.18″E
Our rating: Additional


Armeni is the former main port of Oia, but now mainly small boats and private yachts moor here. There is no beach as such, but there is a descent and access to the sea, so some tourists take the opportunity to bathe. It is a small, rocky beach with large black and red rocks protruding from the sea. There is no infrastructure or amenities on the beach.

300 stairs lead to the port and “beach” of Armeni from Oia. In high season you can go there on a donkey. Armeni offers peace, quiet and picturesque views of the caldera, volcano and Therasia island, which is on the other side of the bay.

Information about the Armeni Beach:

Surface: rocky, concrete
Infrastructure: none
Umbrellas and sunbeds: none
Toilets: none
Bars and restaurants: several taverns in the port of Armeni, more in Oia above
Parking: no (you can park in one of the car parks in Oia)

Location of Armeni Beach on the map:

View of Armeni Beach on Street View: