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Caldera Beach

Caldera Beach
Greek name: Παραλία Καλντέρα / Paralía Kalntéra
Coordinates:  36°21’39.56″N, 25°24’9.90″E
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Caldera Beach in Santorini is a beach of unforgettable views and great depths. From here you can observe the flooded with water caldera , from which the very name of the beach came from.

Natural environment

Caldera beach is a well-known place among scuba divers that dive around Santorini. The coast is covered with a mixture of black volcanic sand, gravel and rocks. The latter can also be found underwater, so we recommend using water shoes to be able to walk comfortably. The water here is very clear but it gets deep rapidly. There are trees by the beach that provide shade during the day.


Nearby, there is a viewpoint with a public car park and a restaurant with a telling name – Panorama. The landscapes that can be admired in this area are one of the most beautiful in Santorini. From here there is a view of the western face of the island. Its cliff shores and azure water look spectacular.


The beach is very charming and a bit wild. There are only a few sun loungers and umbrellas for rent. This place has a completely different, not very touristic atmosphere. It is worth to stay a little longer to watch the sun disappear below the horizon, coloring the sky with intense shades of orange.



This is one of the few beaches in this part of the island that is easy to get to. The road is relatively straight and of good quality (concrete).

The Remezzo restaurant, highly rated by tourists, is located right next to a small, free car park. You can eat true Greek specialties here.

Interesting facts

The caldera, from which the beach is named, is a huge depression that is formed by a volcanic eruption.
The Santorini caldera is one of the largest calderas in the world. Its diameter is 10 km, and in the deepest places it reaches 350 meters.

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