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Prehistoric Thera Museum

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera on Santorini offers an exhibition on the history of the island and the discoveries associated with it, with a special focus on the most important

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Naval Museum

The museum was founded in 1956 by captain Antonis Dakoronias, who a few years earlier began collecting souvenirs related to the maritime history of Oi and Santorini.

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Museum of Icons and Relics

Although the Museum of Icons and Relics on Santorini is small, it has in its collection beautiful and valuable icons, sculptures, relics, vestments, books and other objects related to the

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Folklore Museum

At the Folklore Museum in Thira on Santorini, you can learn about the island’s culture and traditions, and see how the island’s houses and craft workshops looked in the early

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Tomato Museum

Did you know that Santorini is not only a beautiful island in Greece, but also the real kingdom of tomatoes? Small, sweet, juicy, cherry tomatoes are one of the few

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Megaro Gyzi

The Megaro Gyzi Museum on Santorini is a unique place. This museum also functions under the name of Megaro Gyzi Cultural Centre or Gyzi Manor. It is located in a

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