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Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Fira

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist, one of the few Roman Catholic churches, is located in Fira, the capital of the island of Santorini. Like most buildings on the island, the cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake in 1956, and was restored and reopened to the public in 1975.


The church is located in Fira, in the Catholic part of the town, near the upper cable car station.


This cathedral was built in the 17th century by the Jesuits of the Apostolic Order. They were missionaries whose task was to spread Catholicism on the island. Interestingly, Santorini lay on the route of the Crusades. Today, there is not much left of the original building, as it was practically razed to the ground in the 1956 earthquake. It was rebuilt and reopened in 1975.

Architecture and exhibits

This cathedral has a peach-coloured façade, finished with blue elements. The building has a tall bell tower, which also serves as a clock tower. Inside the church, portraits of saints and blessed hang on the pillars.

Practical information

The church (as one of the few) is open to practically all the time. Mass for tourists is held every Sunday at 10 am.

Gallery of Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Fira

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