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Cemetery of Oia

Greek name: Κοιμητήριο Οίας / Koimitírio Oías
Coordinates: 36°27’41.32″N, 25°23’21.70″E
Our rating: Medicore

The Cemetery of Oia is located in the Perivolas district, just at the entrance to the village coming from Fira, on the left side of the street. In addition to the contemporary and slightly older graves of the inhabitants of Oia, there is a monument commemorating the inhabitants of Oia who died during World War II (the so-called Heroon) and the cemetery chapel of Jesus Christ of Heroes.

A small car park is located near the cemetery wall from the street side.

Location of Cemetery in Oia on the map:

View of Cemetery in Oia on Street View:

Source of the main photo: ID 135278764 © Marius Dorin Balate | Dreamstime.com

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