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Dominican Convent in Fira

Dominican Convent located in Fira on Santorini is located in the Catholic part of the island’s capital Fira. The nuns living in the convent are representatives of different nationalities. Inside the convent there is also a baroque church of Our Lady of the Rosary consecrated in 1825.

History of the Dominican Convent

Dominican Convent in Santorini is one of the oldest Roman Catholic monasteries in Greece. The monastery was built in 1595, but has not survived to our times. It was replaced by a building from 1864, which in turn was severely damaged in the 1956 earthquake, after which it was rebuilt.


The present monastery has a typical Baroque appearance. It is a yellow building with a small bell tower and many decorative elements. The monastery is not open to the public, but tourists can visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Inside, note the icon of Our Lady of the Rosary with St Dominic and St Catherine in the chancel behind the altar and the statues of St Joseph and Jesus Christ on the sides.

Gallery of Dominican Convent in Fira

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