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Exomitis Beach

Exomitis Beach
Greek name: Παραλία Εξωμίτη / Paralía Exomíti
Coordinates:  36°19’56.36″N, 25°26’27.26″E
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Exomitis Beach in Santorini is located in the south of the island, on the cape bearing the same name.

It is the next, after Agios Georgios, of the beaches stretching along the southeastern coast. However, unlike the others, this one is not organized and is less frequently visited.

That is why it is suitable for people who value privacy and do not require amenities or extensive infrastructure – they just need the sea, sand and a beautiful view. There are no restaurants, beach bars, toilets, sunbeds, or other attractions here.

Exomitis is a flat and partly wild beach. At its back there are small buildings – residential houses and guest houses.

The beach is located 13 km away from Fira. To get there, you can either rent a car or take a bus to Agios Georgios and from there you will have to walk along the shore to Exomitis. It is not a long distance, the walk will take a few minutes, and in the absence of other entertainment, it can be an interesting alternative allowing you to contemplate the nice coastal views.

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