Finikia – Cape Koloumpos hike

The trail leading from Finikia to Cape Koloumpos is 4.6 km long (crossing time: approx. 1 h 30 min). On maps and signposts it is marked as route number 10.

The trail starts at the Profitis Ilias church, at the foot of the Mavro Vouno volcano (Greek Μαύρο Βουνό). It starts on the Fira – Oia and leads to the north, crosses the main access road to Oia (Greek: Epar.From Firon-Ias). Then it passes through the town of Finikia, turning east in the center.

On the right you pass (located slightly away from the road) the Church of St. Peter (Greek Άγιος Πέτρος) and large vineyards. After about 1.5 km, you reach the intersection at which there are two churches – the chapel of St. Constantine and Saint. Helen and the church of Kyra Panagia (Greek Κυρα Παναγια). There is a hidden, interesting, little-known monument in the area – an ancient stone tank (water tank).

The trail passes churches from the west and then turns east. After about 0.5 km, you turn north and after another 0.5 km you reach the coast, to Koloumpos beach. The last section of the trail leads through the beach (go east), up to the cape and Koloumpos rock at its end.

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