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Kambia Beach

Bird's-eye view of Kambia Beach
Greek name: Παραλία Καμπιά / Paralía Kampiá
Coordinates:  36°20’53.21″N, 25°23’13.58″E
Our rating: Worth seeing

Kambia Beach in Santorini is located in the southwest of the famous volcanic island. It might not be the easiest one to find, but when you finally get there you will be impressed with the views and peace that prevails here. The rocks surrounding the beach have taken fanciful shapes as a result of the action of water and wind.

Beach and seabed

Kambia is a pebble beach. The closer to the water surface, the larger and rounder the stones are. The bottom is filled with large pebbles, which are difficult to walk on comfortably, but they do not hurt the feet. After all, in Santorini it is always worth wearing swimming shoes. The water is clear and beautifully turquoise, it is inhabited by sea urchins and other sea creatures. A wooden pier with a ladder at the end makes it easier to get to the sea.


It is possible to rent umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach. There are dining options here, including a Greek-style restaurant serving seafood caught by local fishermen.

How to get here

Although Kambia is only 4 km from Akrotiri, public transport does not reach here. However, there are no problems with parking the rented cars. At the end of a long, gravel road, which is eagerly dusty and hot, there are enough parking spaces for newcomers. Theoretically, it is possible to walk here, but in the high season on the island, we recommend that you think carefully about this decision.

Location of Kambia Beach on the map

View of Kambia Beach on Street View

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