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Kanakari Beach

Kanakari Beach
Greek name: Παραλία Κανακάρι / Paralía Kanakári
Coordinates:  36°25’45.73″N, 25°27’32.48″E
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Kanakari Beach is located on the eastern shore of the island and, like most beaches in Santorini, consists of dark, volcanic pebbles and rocks. Water shoes are a must-have attribute of every tourist coming here.

Location and conditions

Kanakari Beach (Exo Gialos) in Santorini is the closest beach to the capital of the island Fira. You can get here even on foot, because the distance between the beach and the city is only 3.5 km. Kanakari Beach is divided into two parts. The southern part is covered with gravel, it is narrow and long. The northern one is more like a sandy beach, it is also much wider, so it is more likely to be chosen by visitors to rest. In these areas the bottom is shaky and it gets deep quickly. There is a small fishing port between the beaches. When looking for a way to the beach, head towards the charming white church of St. Nicholas with a blue dome and further down to the port.

Public transport

As far as we know public transport doesn’t reach the beach area.

Access by car

With car you will need less than 10 minutes to get from Fira to the Kanakari Beach. Near the port there is a parking area where you can park your car.


The northern part of the beach is much better developed. Tourists can easily rent comfortable deckchairs here. The hungry and thirsty will appreciate the bar and restaurant, where you can enjoy Greek cuisine, freshly caught fish and have a refreshing drink. The south beach does not have such facilities. It is a choice for lovers of nature and less occupancy.

Interesting facts

Kanakaros owes its name to an old tomato processing plant located nearby.

Characteristic natural openings can be seen in the volcanic rocks at the back of the beach. Local fishermen use them to store their boats outside the tourist season.

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