Koloumpos Beach

Greek name: Παραλία Κολούμπου / Paralía Koloúmpou
Coordinates: 36°28’30.22″N, 25°25’5.44″E
Our rating: Worth seeing

Koloumpos Beach (also known as Koloumbos, Coloumbo or Culumbus) is located on the north-eastern edge of the Santorini island, east of Cape Koloumpos (Greek Άκρα Κουλούμπο).

It is a wild, secluded beach with black sand and volcanic rocks and a gentle descent to the water. The huge cliffs are breathtaking and provide natural shade, but it is worth placing yourself slightly away from them, because their fragments can slide down and thus create danger. Bring water and provisions with you as there are no shops or restaurants nearby. The beach is often visited by nudists.

The water is relatively hot, because in the sea, several kilometers of shore, there is an active, underwater volcanic crater Columbo. It is from him that the cape and the beach took their name. The volcano is one of the most active in this region. Its largest eruption took place in 1650 (more information – Volcano Colombo).

The most characteristic point of the beach is Cape Koloumpos (Cape Columbo) – a 47-m high rock entering the sea.

Nearby are several sea caves, including the most famous Spilia Tis Fokias (Seals Cave).

It can be quite windy on the beach, especially when there is Etesian (mild, dry wind regularly blowing every year in the warm season, mainly from the north).

Information about the Koloumpos Beach:

Surface: fine pebbles and black, coarse volcanic sand, volcanic rocks
Infrastructure: none
Umbrellas and sunbeds: in some places
Toilets: none
Bars and restaurants: in some places
Parking: yes (in several places when going down to the beach)

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