Mavro and Kokkino Vouno volcanoes

Greek name: Μάυρο Βουνό, Κοκκινό Βουνό
Coordinates: 36°27’52.76″N, 25°24’28.07″E
Our rating: Worth seeing


To the east of Oia there are two neighboring volcanic cones – Mavro (Megalo) Vouno (331 m a.s.l.) and Kokkino Vouno (293 m a.s.l.). They were active volcanoes about 50 – 70 thousand years ago.

Remnants of Minoan and ancient culture were found in the area – including ceramic fragments and building outlines.

The path that leads to the top of Mavro Vouno divides from the Fira – Oia trail. A short, about half a kilometer, trail leads to the pass between volcanoes (about 269 m a.s.l.), and then turns towards the summit of Mavro Vouno. From the trail you can enjoy stunning views of the entire caldera.

Volcanoes are made of andesite rocks, and on the slopes you will also find large volcanic boulders ejected during the eruption of the volcano.

Location of those volcanoes on the map:

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