Mavropetra Beach

Greek name: Παραλία Μαυροπετρά / Paralía Mavropetrá
Coordinates: 36°28’39.95″N, 25°22’38.24″E
Our rating: Additional


Mavropetra beach is located on the northern coast of the island of Santorini, west of Cape Mavropetra, at the height of Oia (on the opposite shore of the island) and the village of Tholos.

The name of the beach comes from the nearby cape Mavropetra (from Greek – black stone).

The escarpment stretching along the beach in the afternoon gives shade and shelter from the heat. There are few buildings along the beach, the beach is wild, but it is very long and wide – everyone will find a place for themselves, even in the season.

It can be quite windy on the beach, especially when there is Etesian (mild, dry wind regularly blowing every year in the warm season, mainly from the north).

From the beach you can go for a walk to Cape Mavropetra, which is also a small port.

Information about the Mavropetra Beach:

Surface: fine pebbles and black, coarse volcanic sand
Infrastructure: not really
Umbrellas and sunbeds: none
Toilets: none
Bars and restaurants: not really
Parking: yes (in several places when going down to the beach)

Location of Mavropetra Beach on the map: