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Mesa Pigadia Beach

Mesa Pigadia Beach
Greek name: Μέσα Πηγάδια / Mésa Pigádia
Coordinates:  36°21’12.06″N, 25°22’38.43″E
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Mesa Pigadia Beach is located in the bay that bears the same name. It is surrounded with rocks that effectively protect the sunbathers against strong winds. Difficult access to the place (long, gravel road) allowed this beach to maintain its wild character. Despite the presence of small restaurants with delicious food, this place is rarely overcrowded.


Small, family-run seafront tavern serves genuine Greek dishes accompanied with beautiful views. Mediterranean cuisine reigns here. Local fish and seafood are often prepared in front of customers. Traditional architecture and tasteful decorations are a nice touch, while the prices are affordable. There is no cashless payment terminal, so before leaving the nearest city, use an ATM. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available on site for a fee. In addition, in high season, it is sometimes possible to rent a boat or a kayak.

Natural environment

The beach consists of pebble and stones, therefore water shoes are recommended. There are rocks and sea urchins underwater, so be careful. These conditions guarantee interesting views underwater so it is a good idea to bring snorkeling. Colorful and less colorful fish flowing between the rocks are the norm here. There is also a cave in the area.


Mesa Pigadia is a beach for determined explorers. Access can be a challenge for many drivers and there rented small cars. The dirt road is loose, winding, steep and bumpy. It’s easy to lose your motivation or your cars suspension if not careful. Many people come here by accident traversing the area on quads and in rented off-road vehicles or by sea while exploring the coast. Some come to the beach lured by the legends circulating about the delicious cuisine of Taverna Mesa Pigadia

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