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Oia Parking

Around Oia you will find several places where you can park your car. Unfortunately, in the high season, especially in the evening, when sunset is approaching, it can be very difficult to find a parking space near the city center. At that time, it is better to choose a parking located on the outside of town and to walk the rest of the way to the village.

Most parking lots in and around Oia offer free parking spaces. However, pay attention to the signs, as there are also private paid parking lots.

The farthest to the east are parking lots near the route from Fira to Oia, at the height of Finikia.

The second parking lot in Finikia can be found exiting the Fira – Oia road 200 m north, turning at the signpost onto the second exit to Finikia (2nd Entrance to Traditional Settlement of Finikia). From the parking lot you can also admire the northern shoreline of the island.

Continuing west on the Fira – Oia road, another public car park can be found at the height of the Mythique Villas and Suites hotel, right in front of the church on the left side of the street.

About 150 meters away, also on the right is a large, usually available parking lot at the Water Supply Company (Greek grργοστάσιο Αφαλάτωσης – Κοινοτική Επιχείρηση Ύδρευσης Αποχέτευσης Οίας). To reach it, turn left just before the cemetery. A little further, next to the cemetery, there is also a small parking lot but it is usually crowded.

Closer to the center of Oia, there are several public and private parking lots along the main road, but in high season they are heavily crowded.

Another, main parking lot for coaches can be found at the Oia beltway from the north, at the height of the city center. It is very crowded in the season, especially due to the numerous bus trips coming. Near the car park you will find a toilet, a shop, several ATMs and restaurants.

Another few parking spaces can be found at the exit of Oia towards the port of Amoudi.
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