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Plaka Thermal Springs

At the foot of the caldera, at the height of Megalochori village, there is a beach and thermal springs called Plaka. Water from these springs has healing properties. In the years 1916 – 1980 there were baths here. There are some abandoned buildings onsite – eight cottages grouped in a row, and one separate cottage, situated to the south of the rest in which there was a bath in which patients were taking therapeutic baths. Each bath lasted 45 minutes, and after each customer the bath was emptied and refilled with fresh water.

The spa was closed due to the risk of a landslide of the caldera slopes.

A path from Megalochori (known as the Heart of Santorini) leads to the springs. On the way we pass the picturesquely situated church of Agios Nikolaos. The path is steep and bumpy, and you should also watch out for slipping stones.

From Plaka there is a beautiful view of the caldera and the entire Santorini archipelago. Built into the volcanic rock near the springs is a small church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary.

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