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Gavrilos Hill

To the south of Emporio village on Santorini there is a hill called Gavrilos. It is only 170m high and there is a road leading to the top of the hill with eight historic 19th century windmills along the way.

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Early Christian Basilica of Agia Irini in Parissa

At the northern end of the village of Perissa, at the foot of the peak of Mesa Vouno (365 m), there are unique archaeological excavations – the ruins of the church of St Irene from the 13th – 9th centuries AD. It is probably from it that the island of Santorini takes its name.

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Dominican Convent in Fira

Dominican Convent located in Fira on Santorini is located in the Catholic part of the island’s capital Fira. The nuns living in the convent are representatives of different nationalities. Inside the convent there is also a baroque church of Our Lady of the Rosary consecrated in 1825.

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Panagia Katefiani in Perissa

The Panagia Katefiani in Perissa on Santorini is a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary built into the hillside of Mesa Vouno above the village of Perissa. The church is located on the trail from Perissa to ancient Thera. The walk from Perissa takes about 15-20 minutes.

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