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About Santorini-more.com

Santorini-more.com is a web portal entirely dedicated to the most popular Greek island among tourists Santorini. The aim of its authors was a very thorough and comprehensive presentation of all attractions waiting for visitors of this unique place. It is not without reason that this island, located in the Aegean Sea and belonging to the Cyclades archipelago, has for years been one of the most visited destinations by travellers from all over the world. For it hides, in addition to breathtaking views, numerous attractions, as well as mysteries that, to this day, have not yet been fully explained. The portal santorini-more.com presents all these interesting facts in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way and thus makes it easier for people intending to visit Santorini to plan their stay. There are descriptions of natural and archaeological attractions, as well as museums and tourist trails. There are also descriptions of the larger towns, and in the beaches section you will find detailed information, richly illustrated with photographs, about individual beaches located in different parts of the island. Each of them is also marked on the map. Santorini-more.com also contains information about the characteristics of the island, including local culture, geography, community, climate and cuisine. In the TOP 10 section you will find the most interesting places on Santorini, which, according to the authors, are the best to visit first.

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