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Oia is located on the edge of a high cliff, so access to the beaches from it is somewhat difficult. Flat beaches with easy access to the sea are located on the other side of the island – from the north and east. Despite this, tourists who chose Oia as a place to stay can also enjoy swimming in the sea. However, this requires a short walk or renting a means of transport.

Two places with access to the sea closest to Oia are in ports – old Armeni and new Amoudi. However, there are no traditional beaches with sand and umbrellas, only a rocky descent to the water.

One of the most beautiful beaches on the whole island, and located relatively close to the town of Oia is Katharos Beach (more information: Katharos Beach). It is located northwest of Oia, about 1.5 km (1 mile) from the city center (about 20 minutes on foot).

A little further, a few kilometers from Oia there are beaches located on the northern shore of the island – Mavropetra, Baxedes and Koloumpos. Their undoubted advantage is that they are long and relatively empty, even in the season (more information: Mavropetra, Baxedes and Koloumpos).


Ammoudi Beach

Amoudi Beach

Ammoudi Beach is located south of the port of Ammoudi. This is not a typical beach with sand and umbrellas – more a fragment of the wild, rocky, volcanic coast. Perfect for diving enthusiasts. The water is slightly warmer than in other parts of the island, it is also characterized by higher sulfur concentration.


Armeni Beach

Armeni is the former main port of Oia, but now mainly small boats and private yachts moor here. It is not a beach per se, but there is a descent and access to the sea, so some tourists take the opportunity to bathe. It is a small, rocky beach with large black and red rocks protruding from the sea.

Wide view of the Baxedes Beach

Baxedes Beach

Baxedes Beach (also known as Paradisos) is located on the northern coast of Santorini, east of Cape Mavropetra, at the height of Finikia. The name Baxedes comes from the Turkish word “Baxes”, which means “garden” (the locals grew vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, eggplants, carrots, zucchini, lettuce, and melons).

Katharos Beach seen from above

Katharos Beach

Katharos Beach can be safely considered as one of the most beautiful beaches on the northwestern tip of the island. It is located just 1 km from Oia and can be accessed via a paved road that takes off from the route from Oia to Ammoudi Harbor.

Koloumbos Beach

Koloumbos Beach

Koloumbos Beach (also known as Koloumpos, Colombo, Columbo, Coloumbo or Culumbus) is located on the north-eastern edge of the Santorini island, east of Cape Koloumpos (Greek Άκρα Κουλούμπο).

Mavropetra Beach

Mavropetra Beach

Mavropetra beach is located on the northern coast of Santorini, west of Cape Mavropetra, at the height of Oia (on the opposite shore of the island). The name of the beach comes from the nearby cape Mavropetra (from Greek – black stone).

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