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Santorini Population

According to the 2011 census, Santorini had 15,550 permanent residents, and the average age of residents was 37 years (for Greece as a whole it is 44.4 years).  12376 of Santorini’s residents held Greek citizenship and the rest (3174) were foreigners.

The number of men and women was almost equal. Santorini was inhabited by about 100 more men than women. 6,488 Santorini residents were singles and 7,916 were married or in a civil partnership.670 were widows or widowers and 476 were divorced.

The number of households in Santorini was 5862 and the average household (family) size was 2.59 persons.

The age structure of Santorini’s population was as follows:

Age Number of inhabitants
0-9 1,914
10-19 1,668
20-29 2300
30-39 2,989
40-49 2,311
50-59 1,851
60-69 1,218
70+ 1,299

Among Santorini’s residents, 980 are unemployed (job seekers) and 6687 have permanent employment. 2344 are pupils or students and 2026 are pensioners.

The inhabitants of Santorini make their living mainly from tourism (they own or are employed in hotels, apartments, restaurants, tourist attractions). In addition, well-developed industries on the island include agriculture and wine.

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