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General information about Finikia

Finikia is a village located in the northern part of the island of Santorini, east of Oi. Compared to its larger and crowded neighbour, it managed to retain its former character. It is also definitely quieter and more peaceful here. It can be said that this is a Greek village where time has stopped…

In Finikia you will find traditional, historic houses in white, cream and bright pastel colours, crossed by narrow streets and steps. There are also characteristic houses in caves (Hyposkapha), which have excellent thermal insulation properties – their interiors maintain a similar temperature in both summer and winter. Some of the buildings have fallen into disrepair (also due to the damage caused by the earthquake of 1956), and some while others have been renovated and converted into luxury apartments or serve as wine cellars. Many houses are decorated with colourful flowers. The picturesque village of Finikia is surrounded by extensive farmland and vineyards.

The village has a fairly well-developed accommodation base including several dozens of facilities – luxury apartments, villas and rooms located in historic houses. In the village you will not find large hotels or guesthouses. The price of renting an apartment for two people in the season ranges from 100 euros (for a double room) to 800 euros (for the entire villa). In addition, you will find here several restaurants serving traditional Greek food.

Administratively, part of the caldera with the church of Profitis Ilias at its top (an obligatory point on the Fira – Oia route), and the church of the Seven Holy Children at its foot (accessible only from the sea) belong to Finika.

In Finika itself you will also find several more or less historic churches:

  • The church of Saint (Agia) built in 1859. A solemn festival is celebrated in this church every year on October 20. It is accompanied by a procession, dances on the streets surrounding the church and refreshments – residents prepare, among others, cod with onions, olive oil and boiled potatoes, as well as a dish of rice and meat baked in a wood-burning oven.
  • Ypapanti Church – yellow and red, with a white bell tower. It is not historic, there is a beautiful view but from its courtyard.
  • Church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary (Dormition of the Virgin Mary / Kimisis tis Theotoku). White, with blue shutters and doors and a white bell tower. It is located on the trail leading to Finikia from the Church of Profitis Ilias located at the edge of the caldera.
  • Saint Peter Church is located a short distance from the village, 200 m to the east, on the trail from Finikia to Baxeses Beach. It is a large beige building with a characteristic blue dome. Along the road leading to it, numerous wild prickly pears grow.

We can get to Finikia by bus running on the route Fira – Oia (the bus stop is located at the edge of the village from the Fira side, by the Church of Profitis Ilias). Near the bus stop you will also find a car park.

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