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Amoudi Bay

The bay and port of Amoudi is located on the northwestern tip of the island of Santorini, on the seafront below the town of Oia. The white buildings of the Amoudi town built into the blood-red slope of the caldera cliff look very picturesque.

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Oia’s Main Street

The promenade stretches along the whole town, and delivers beautiful views of the entire caldera. The most known and representative part (Nikolaou Nomikou Street) is lined with 19th-century marble.

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Cable car in Fira

The funicular in Fira on Santorini is an alternative way to get to the old port – the other way is to go on foot (or on a donkey) up and down the long and steep stairs (the elevation here is over 200 m). Passengers of large cruise ships are frequent users of the railway.

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Park in Fira

At the southern end of Fira there is a small, rather neglected park. You can sit on one of several benches to rest before continuing your sightseeing. Its trees provide shade on hot days.

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Park in Oia

In the town of Oia, on Nikolau Nomikou Street, there is a small park covering an area of about 1000 m2. It is a small paved area with a few pine trees and a monument commemorating the inhabitants who died during the war.

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Armeni Bay

Armeni is a port below Oia, on the Caldera side. In the glory days of Oia, Armeni was her main port. Large ships moored at some distance from the shore, and sailors reached it by small boats, so-called “Lantzes” (as it is currently the case with large cruise ships in the old port of Fira.)

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