Amoudi Beach

Greek name: Παραλία Αμούδι / Paralía Amoúdi
Coordinates: 36°27’28.53″N, 25°22’19.74″E
Our rating: Worth seeing


Ammoudi Beach is located south of the port of Ammoudi. This is not a typical beach with sand and umbrellas – more a fragment of the wild, rocky, volcanic coast. Perfect for diving enthusiasts. The water is slightly warmer than in other parts of the island, it is also characterized by higher sulfur concentration.

It is worth to take comfortable swimming shoes with you, because both the beach and the bottom are rocky.

We reach the Ammoudi beach from the port of Ammoudi, following the path south. We pass the last buildings and enter between the rocks. In the season, bathers can be seen from the very end of the village.

The path is unsecured – in some places the concrete foundation has collapsed, and the remains of the path are washed by the sea waves. The path, currently badly damaged, was built in the 1980s with the efforts of the Greek Tourist Organization.

Following the path, we will reach a concrete platform opposite the islet / rock of St. Nicholas (Nisís Agíos Nikólaos o Peramataris). A small church of the same name (Agios Nikolaos Peramataris) is built into the eastern slope of the islet. It was named after the narrow sea “passage” (Diapori) that separates it from the coast where the town of Oia is located as Peramatari means passerby.

The island also has a concrete platform for sunbathers to jump into the water.

Information about the Amoudi Beach:

Surface: rocky, concrete
Infrastructure: none
Umbrellas and sunbeds: none
Toilets: none
Bars and restaurants: none (the nearest in the port of Ammoudi)
Parking: on the road from Oia to the port of Ammoudi

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