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White Beach

White Beach of Santorini

The White Beach in Santorini, called by the locals Lefki Ammos (white sand) or Lefki Paralia (white beach), is a small beach located under high cliffs made of white rocks. It is a true paradise for lovers of sunbathing.

Public transport

Getting to White Beach is not that easy, because you can get here only by boat. Boats to the White Beach run on average every 30 minutes, although their frequency depends on the occupancy. The so-called “taxi boats” do not have fixed hours.

Access by car

Although navigation may have a completely different theory, the White Beach cannot be reached by any other route than by sea. By car, you can get to the steep slopes at the foot of which the described beach is located, however, going downstairs seems to be a suicide mission. There is an amazing view from the nearby cliffs, so maybe it’s a good place for a picnic or a session with a beautiful panorama.

Environment and substrate

The White Beach is surrounded by steep rocks with a characteristic white color, which contrasts beautifully with the turquoise water. The beach is small and its location makes it quite calm compared to other beaches in Santorini. The sand on the White Beach is not white as you would maybe expect. The coast is shallow, but the water may contain rocks, fine gravel, and sea urchins, so it is better to wear water shoes. This is especially important as the taxi boats do not go directly to the shore.


As the access to the beach is limited, it is difficult to provide amenities here. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented on site. However, the amenities end there. When going here for a longer time, it is worth taking provisions with you, cold drinks and sunscreen!

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