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Panagia ton Eisodion in Megalochori

The Church of the Ascension of Mary (Eisodia tis Theotoku, Great Virgin Mary or Panagia Trani) is located in the main square in the village of Megalochori on Santorini. The most distinctive feature is the carved white bell tower with a clock, which is also the gate leading to Nicholas F. Giannakopoulos Square.

Inside is a beautifully carved wooden altar with icons and old Russian icons from Odessa. An interesting feature is the ornate post-Byzantine calendar with 365 miniatures of saints, one for each day of the year. The heavy wooden door of the church was founded by one of the faithful daughter in memory of her father in 1886.

The church was renovated and extended in 1931. The original church on this site was built in 1600.

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