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Vourvoulos Beach

View of Vourvoulos Beach

On the east coast, south of Xiropigado beach, near the small port of Vourvoulou, there is a fairly popular beach, but not as crowded as some others on the island – Paralia Vourvoulos.

What is the characteristic of Vourvoulos beach in Santorini?

As a result of the erosion process, the rocks surrounding the beach have formed into fanciful, various shapes. Many of them hide small caves. The surface of the area is covered with dark, volcanic sand mixed with gravel and larger pebbles. The bottom of the sea looks similar here, with the difference that you can come across sea urchins, so better wear protecting shoes when entering the water. The beach is separated from the parking lot by a low wall and a row of trees that provide a bit of the desired shade on hot summer days.


Paralia Vourvoulos borders with a small port, charming in its simplicity. Nearby you can eat typical Greek food, use the restaurant’s wifi and rent sunbeds and umbrellas. The presence of street lamps and litter bins is much appreciated. Nearby guesthouses and hotels attract those travelers who came to the island to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

How to get here

A paved road leads to the beach. There is a parking lot right next to the beach. The route from the island’s administrative capital, Fira, takes about 15 minutes, and the distance from the airport is only 7 km.

Gallery of Vourvoulos Beach

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