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Zoodochos Pigi Cave

On the eastern slope of Profitis Ilias there is a small cave and a church called Zoodchos Pigi. A steep staircase leads to it from Kamari, running along a rock wall used as a climbing area. Inside the cave there are nice dripstone formations and a drinking water source (the only fresh water source on the island). In the church courtyard, you can rest before continuing on your way (the trail continues through the Ancient Tombs to the Antique Thira on top of Mesa Vouno). A large fig tree also grows here, providing pleasant shade on hot days. Nearby, a few metres higher, there is a second cave (laboriously called Zoodochos Pigi II), but it is not open to tourists.

From the whole trail, as well as from the church itself, there is a beautiful view of the village of Kamari lying at the foot of the hill.

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