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Kamari Necropolis (Thombs)

Above the village of Kamari, below the Sellada Pass (separating the massifs of Profitis Ilias and Mesa Vouno), south of the cave and church of Zoodochos Pigi, we find the remains of an ancient necropolis – the former cemetery of ancient Thera.

Archaeological research was carried out at the site between 1961 and 1982 under the direction of Nikolaos Zapheiropoulos.

Among other things, funerary gifts, vases and sculptures have been found in the discovered tombs. It is believed to have been a burial site from the Geometric period (10th – 7th century BC) to Roman times.

Today, we can see here the characteristic rock-cut remains of the tombs – evenly cut square and round cavities.

Gallery of Kamari Necropolis (Thombs)

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